A professional service community and educational exchange for those in the accounting, financial, legal, and coaching industries

Two Professional Designations

Starting Fall 2021: our new Certified Family Business Manager™ Program and Life Management Fiduciary™ Certificate.

Open Offices

We offer a range of community-building open offices that members and prospective members can join.

Earn CPE Credits

Our foundational webinars are free to attend and are an efficient way for CPAs and accounting professionals to earn continuing education credits.

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CPAPlus Educational Series

Orientation Webinars

2 free introductory classes

Orientation Webinars provide an overview of the CPAPlus Educational Exchange and Family Business Center. New and returning members are encourage to attend.

Core Skills Workshops

6 workshops

Those with an active membership can register for Core Skills Workshops, which cover a range of life management topics.

Advanced Skills Series

4 Series

Each of our four advanced skills series aims to assist you in improving your clients’ lives and businesses but can also be applied to your own life and business. 

CPAPlus Professional Designations

Designation program 1

Certified Family Business Manager Program

The Certified Family Business Manager Program trains professional service providers across the accounting, financial, legal, and consulting/coaching industries on concepts to be able to provide certain elements within the scope of Universal Family Office Services™. Those who successfully complete this program earn the professional designation of Family Business Manager and will have also earned a Life Management Fiduciary Certificate.

Designation Program 2

Life Management Fiduciary Certificate

The Life Management Fiduciary Certificate provides knowledge and skills that enable you to go far beyond normal professional services. This certificate can be pursued as part of the Family Business Manager Program or separately. 

About US

About CPAPlus

CPAPlus grew out of Southeast Results Accountants Systems (SERAS). Established in the year 2000 by a small group of CPAs, SERAS was one of the nation’s premier practice development user groups. SERAS provided the forum for this pioneering group to discuss best practices while developing new methodologies that could add value to their businesses.

The original members attended an accountant’s boot camp and realized that the CPA industry was about to enter a more challenging and competitive era. Since then, membership has grown steadily and participants have routinely found themselves on the cutting edge of the industry.

Today, CPAPlus is more than an educational exchange. It is a place for dealing with the challenges and uncertainties of the day, ranging from the economy, covid, or climate change. It is a place that supports skills and talent development. Through CPAPlus, those in the accounting, tax, financial management, legal, consulting, and coaching industries learn how to solve for the present and the future, how to harness life’s many complexities, how to collaborate with others how to resist the tendency to move through life on autopilot. Starting Fall 2021, CPAPlus will offer two new professional designations: Family Business Manager and Life Management Fiduciary.

Advanced Classes

Orientation Webinars

Core Skills Workshops

Professional Designations

Register Today! serves professionals in the accounting, financial, legal, and coaching industries. Register now to access our educational portal. From there, you can review our free orientation webinar calendar and membership options.